Teva vs Roche ( Klonopin Brands )​

Teva Vs Roche KlonopinWhen you are affected by anxiety, panic or seizure disorder it is possible that you would be instructed with Clonazepam drug. Here you are provided with the opportunity to choose from generic and brand drug.

Obviously there are certain differences between these two variants of the drug. In this blog, we would be discussing it in detail.

Brand vs generic Clonazepam

Teva pharmaceuticals are responsible for selling generic Clonazepam medication to people. You can get the brand drug from Roche pharmaceuticals. Brand drug is which that is first manufactured by the pharmaceutical company and it has a patent.

Only after the patent period expires it is possible for the generic manufacturing companies to sell generic Klonopin to people.

Roche would set a premium price for Klonopin as they have invested so much money for the invention, development, advertisement and marketing. Due to this the price of brand Clonazepam is very high.

On the other hand, Teva pharmaceuticals get the active ingredient from Roche manufacturing company and discover its own product. There is less overhead cost for the generic pharmaceuticals as they do not invent the active ingredient, no research and there is no need for them to market the drug. This is because brand Klonopin is already marketed well and it is very much popular among people.

Both the Teva and Roche pharmaceuticals would follow the same active ingredient in the medication but there will be variations among the inactive ingredients. There is no need to bother about such differences as the latter contributes no effect on the condition.


Roche pharmaceuticals has created Klonopin tablet with certain appearance and the limitation that Teva manufacturing company has is that it should not create Clonazepam with such appearance.

This is the reason why you see wide appearances of Clonazepam medication in the market. There was another limitation and that was when the patent was live no other generic manufacturing company can sell Klonopin to people.

Advantages of generic Pharmaceuticals

Teva manufacturing company would create Clonazepam with different appearances and dosage strengths. There is no restriction provided the appearance is not a look-alike of Roche tablets.

These generic manufacturers can set their own rate as per their wish. There is high competition level prevailing among generic pharmaceuticals. Due to this, they can sell Clonazepam at a very cheaper rate.

There are many people who take Clonazepam than those who consume Klonopin. The answer to this is very simple. The former is very affordable to many people than the latter. There are also chances that most people would not have insurance. In this case, individuals opt for generic pills.

The fan following for generic Clonazepam is increasing day by day because the effectiveness that it provides on the medical condition of the person would be similar to that of the ones that you can experience while consuming Klonopin.

So if you are going to start a treatment then you can choose either Teva or Roche tablets without any worry.