About Klonopin

Side effects of Klonopin

Side effects of Klonopin

Klonopin Side Effects

The common side effects of Klonopin has been given in the following:

  • Drowsiness,
  • Confusion,
  • Slurred speech
  • Weakness
  • A headache
  • Agitation
  • Dry mouth
  • A runny nose
  • Hallucinations
  • Loss of memory

Some of the less common side effects have also been listed;

  • Changes in the personality
  • Disturbance in the behavior
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Tired feeling

Klonopin Side effectsRarely occurring Klonopin side effects:

  • Rashes on the Skin
  • Changes in weight
  • Liver or kidney damage
  • Panic attacks

Clonazepam would become habit-forming and stop this medication suddenly would cause you drug dependence and some withdrawal symptoms

Avoid taking Klonopin without consulting with your doctor, because it would lead to causing of other side effects that have not been listed in the above. You can also discuss the side effects of Klonopin with your doctor.

Adverse events of Klonopin exposure has been recorded also by the clinical trials upon their own choice.

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