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Klonopin Withdrawal – Symptoms and Advice

Klonopin Withdrawal Klonopin is a medication under benzodiazepine family that is widely used to treat various disorders including anxiety disorder, seizures, panic attack, restless syndrome and fibromyalgia

The working action of Klonopin medication is uncertain. The withdrawal effects are also not entirely understood yet, the withdrawal symptoms and the efficacy of the medication vary with different patients.

In specifically, if a patient taking other sedatives, illegal medications or taking treatment for other health disorders along with this medication then it would result in a complication. And the performance of nerve cells will also vary with individuals.

That is the rate of nerve cells firing from the brain can differ with patients for instance in few patients the split second firing is slow whereas it is fast in some other patients.

A mild antidepressant can relieve a patient from withdrawal symptoms caused by Klonopin. In addition, melatonin and Kava Kava will be much helpful for patients in the above condition.

The half-life hour of medication decides how long the effectiveness stays does in the system. For Klonopin, the half-life period is 35 hours. This depicts that only half of Klonopin dissolves in the blood for the first 35 hours and the remaining half will get dissolve in next 35 hours.

It should be noted down that all these calculations are only true if you are taking only one dose. If you are consistently taking same Klonopin dose then your system has collected Klonopin strength over that period of time.

Those accumulated medication levels are necessary to give enhance your system with optimum and needed a dosage in order to treat the above-mentioned disorders. Thus, the function of brain activity has been slow down by the Klonopin accumulation in the body.

This reduced brain activity results from the slow firing of brain nerve cells. It resembles the activity of Valium medication that prevents over the firing of brain cells.

This is achieved by GABA receptors which is a chemical substance that available in the human brain naturally. It deprives the excess activity of brain neurons cells. As a result, the GABA level will be maintained in the correct ratio which in turn you will be relieved from anxiety-related disorders.

The GABA receptors have the ability to provide a calming effect in one’s brain and Klonopin work as a supplement to assist the functioning of GABA in a more efficient way.

Leg cramps and stomach ache are the most common symptoms that indicate abrupt withdrawal of this medication. It happens if a patient has been taking prescribed dosage of Klonopin for a prolonged period of time or taking a higher dose more than required.

If a patient takes a lower dose of Klonopin for few days or short time then he might encounter anxiety and seizures along with sleeping disorders like insomnia.

Human brain performs homeostasis which is a process to maintain several body parameters including acidic and base levels in the blood, sugar levels, hormone levels and body temperature. This homeostasis will adjust the hormonal level as per the body’s requirement. Whenever the GABA level comes down, Klonopin will replace the position of GABA and perform the activity that GABA receptors supposed to do.

If there is a sudden termination of Klonopin, the brain will recognize these changes and take time to restore the GABA levels in the brain until then the concerned patient will encounter withdrawal symptoms resulted from low levels of GABA levels.

As said, Klonopin comes from benzodiazepine family that acts as an excellent muscle relaxant.

Medication from this family also has the ability to treat pain or spasm in muscle. If Klonopin has abruptly stopped, patient experiences reverse effect. It indicates that this condition results in muscle taut or muscle aches.

It also causes hyperexcitability due to the overabundance of noradrenaline and adrenaline hormone. This effect is identified as fatigue in some patients.

GABA also affects the secretion of human growth hormones which is responsible for muscle growth. That is why patients are recommended to gradually terminate the use of Klonopin.

Thus, gradual Klonopin reduction would help the brain to restore the normal function. Brain’s activity should be conserved in order to lead a healthy life.

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