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Klonopin Sexual Side Effects

Klonopin medication is taken to the clinical evaluation and the results are depicts that this anxiety medication can cause certain side effects.

Klonopin Sexual Side EffectsThese certain side effects have an inclusion of changes in the sex drive, premature ejaculation problem and male impotence. When you experience certain sexual side effects then it is recommended to consult with your doctor and take the necessary medications.

Inform your doctor if you are a regular drinker or in some certain cases if you are taking any new drugs for other treatments. Since your doctor would prescribe the essential treatment in order to sustain or combat the additional treatments. Also, the doctor can change the dosage consumption of Klonopin drug you taking if necessary.

If the things are considered to the useless, your doctor would switch over to another medication that suits your current situation.

Klonopin which has the chemical component called Clonazepam, which it can, able to cause the certain side effects same as like other medications.

The sexual side effects which are caused by this Klonopin medication have the inclusion of changes in the sex drive, known as libido, premature ejaculation symptoms, and majorly it causes impotence. Generally, the impotence problem is also known as erectile dysfunction (ED).

Research studies found that the people who are taking Klonopin medication result in developing the changes in sex drive. The changes in sex drive in them would be either increased or decreased. The changes in the sex drive in the people who are consuming this Klonopin medication are reported to be the 1 percent of them. Anyhow, this was considered to be one of the sexual side effects of those people.

Klonopin also can cause the premature ejaculation or delaying problems in men. The report for the clinical studies pertains that the side effects caused by the Klonopin have displayed that 2 percent of the men who are treated with the Klonopin for anxiety and panic disorder having the delay in ejaculation.

This anxiety medication can also cause impotence too. Impotence is the disorder of total inability of achieving an erection. It makes difficult for making the erection, or sometimes this effect can last for a brief period only.

Henceforth, it is a looping inability to get an erection or even keeping an erection firm enough to have the sexual intercourse. As per the research studies documented, the impotence problem has the side effect caused by this anxiety medication occurred in about 3 percent of men taking this drug for the anxiety disorder.

From the clinical studies the percentage of the people having the sexual side effects is on the lesser possible side, therefore it is possible that these side effects caused by the Klonopin medication can be more adequately than reported in the studies. Also, many people feel reluctant or hesitant to speak about this disorder to their partner and also physician in person.

It is henceforth, the assumed side effects are caused by the Klonopin would have occurred to the more number of people than that of shown in the document.

It is tedious for the physician to give assurance that you will not be affected by any of the side effects. Definitely, any person taking this Klonopin medication can have to cause the side effects.

Can it be attributed to the Klonopin immediately? That sexual dysfunction would be able to the conditions for which the person is treated. The person ailments itself could have caused those problems.

It is challenging to know what can be able to cause the sexual dysfunction in that person. The sexual symptoms are more common with the conditions for which the treatment for the Klonopin is given.

If you have experienced any of the sexual side effects while you are on Klonopin, contact your physician to get immediate treatment for side effects.

Some people might have the mild side effects and that is a small extent. In the rare cases, the sexual symptoms could be more severe.

When you are heading to the doctor to tell about your sexual side effects, while on the Klonopin medication, the doctor would advise you to make some adjustments in the Klonopin dosage depending on the condition and provide you some alternative medication for treating anxiety and panic disorder.

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