Klonopin / Clonazepam and Alcohol

Klonopin / Clonazepam and Alcohol

Clonazepam And Alcohol

Is it safe to drink alcohol while on Klonopin treatment?

When taking Klonopin and alcohol together, it causes side effects. Even it can result in severe reactions. Memory loss and behavior change are the common side effects while taking anti-anxiety pill and liquor. It is better to avoid using Klonopin and alcohol. People with mental depression who take Klonopin along with alcohol can lead to severe withdrawal symptoms.

klonopin alcoholIncrease severity in patients with panic attack who used both together. Clonazepam, which is an active ingredient present in the brand Klonopin medication and liquor are the central nervous system sedatives. The activity of brain gets to slow down when both these are used together. The mixed effectiveness of Klonopin and alcohol will create more effect on the brain chemicals. Although peoples who suffer from mental illness should not take alcohol.

Increase the risks of Klonopin side effects when drinking liquor while on the anxiety medication treatment. Fewer side effects are the loss of memory, drowsiness, unusual behavior, dizziness and lack of coordination.

A decrease in the heart rate and shortness of breath are the side effects occur when consuming alcohol and Klonopin. Difficult to breath when these adverse reactions take places. Sometimes it may lead to death.

Your mind and body will be more sensitive to the effects of alcoholism when you use it with Klonopin medication. Even you cannot able to drink usual alcohol quantity when you use Klonopin pill. Since it is not good for your health. It can lead to dangerous situations when you drink liquor along with the anti-anxiety medication.

Klonopin is an anti-anxiety pill which is prescribed for panic disorder. Moreover, this medicine can be used for the treatment of seizure disorders. Although, people who experience mental illness like panic attacks ought to avoid taking alcohol.

Your health condition becomes worse when you drink alcohol along with Klonopin. Further, peoples who combine alcohol and Klonopin periodically can lead to the Klonopin abuse.

Suppose if you can not able to avoid drinking alcohol when you are on the Klonopin treatment, then consult with your doctor before start taking the liquor. Your physician may adjust the Klonopin dosage and advice you to avoid drinking liquor. Be aware of the side effects which caused by Klonopin pill in yourself before using it.

Suppose if you are a heavy drinker, your physician can assist you to withdraw alcohol. Even the Klonopin drug user may die when they combine liquor with it. Mostly, the doctors explain this point clearly to the patients. In short, liquor ought to used carefully.

Klonopin and AlcoholIt may raise drowsiness and dizziness when used with Klonopin pill. It may also increase the seizure risks. Apart from this, Klonopin can cause drowsiness and dizziness when it interacts with other medications such as antidepressants and sedatives.Such medication lists are seizure drugs, anxiety pills, muscle relaxants, antihistamines and pain relievers. When you are on the Klonopin treatment, avoid drinking alcohol and taking some medicines. In case, if you need to use any other pills for some other medical condition, then consult your doctor about your situation. Take the anti-anxiety medicine as directed by the physician so you can easily recover from panic disorder.

Alcohol can enhance the Klonopin effects yet it is a depressant. If you experience any symptoms, then talk to your physician immediately via phone call or visit the clinic. You should be very careful because it can progress suicidal ideations in your mind. It is one of the side effects while mixing liquor and anti-anxiety medicines.

Both Klonopin and alcohol works in the brain cell receptor which is called as GABA(gamma-Aminobutyric acid) receptors. Yet it works in the same manner. So the chemicals in the brain will feel awkward with the mixed impact of alcohol and Klonopin. The activity of brain gets to hang up because of this effects. Enough Breathing is essential to lead a life and this one is controlled by the brain. When brain disturbs with mixed effectiveness, it can causes death. Seek the help of your physician when you have suicidal thoughts.