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Klonopin and PregnancyThis is the most powerful drug that can be taken by patients to treat their anxiety, seizure and panic disorders. When a pregnant woman gets seizure then it is possible for both her and fetus to get harmed. Seizure should be avoided when a woman is conceived however the occurrence of it cannot be predicted. On the other hand, consuming Klonopin medication might not be suitable if a woman is conceived or breastfeeding a child.

This is a pregnancy category D medicine which clearly means that it is not suitable for women in this phase. You have to know on what happens when this drug is consumed during this period.

The answer is very simple. The traces of the medication would pass on to the fetus or baby if the mother takes it. This literally means that even the child is consuming the medication. So when this occurs the fetus or child would develop tolerance towards the drug. There is a possibility that you can see the effects of the medication on the fetus after it is born. It would develop tolerance towards drug and experience withdrawal symptoms in their body.

If you are on the treatment with Klonopin medication then you should avoid getting pregnant in this situation. It is a must that you are supposed to take certain precautionary measures to avoid getting conceived. At least inform your healthcare professional if you are planning to get pregnant with a child.

Those who got pregnant must have to notify about the condition to their doctor immediately. Never delay at any cost and this should be your first priority. The medico would let you know how to stop taking Klonopin pills.

pregnant women on klonopinAbruptly stopping the tablets during the phase should not be done as it would pave way for side effects in the body. Never ever take Klonopin while you are pregnant without the guidance of your doctor.

On the whole, this medication is definitely not instructed for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child. However there are definitely certain exceptions. The healthcare professional would be the right person to decide on who should take the Klonopin pills and who should not consume it.

When the benefits that a woman gets with Klonopin are very much higher compared to the risks that are involved then it is possible for them to instruct the drug. There are chances that a seizure condition would be very severe for certain women. In this situation, avoiding the occurrence of this ailment while a woman is pregnant is very much essential thus the side effects are not considered.

However, it does not mean that you can pop up the medication at any time of your wish. It is a must that you should get advice from the doctor every time.

Try to avoid taking Klonopin medication during these phases. You should not try to consume the tablets if you are breastfeeding the child. Once these phases are over you can surely go about taking the medication.

However, start your treatment again only after getting advice from your doctor. You have to make sure that you should not breastfeed your child after consuming Klonopin pills. The same set of instructions should be followed if you are trying to get conceived the second time.

Klonopin is a very addictive medication that even pregnant women are abusing it. This action would degrade both the health of mother and child. Always handle this medication with care and try not to abuse it. Even if you have abused it you are supposed to get help from your medico and they can help you to get out from this harmful situation.

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