Chemical Composition of Klonopin

chemical composition of klonopinOnly when the chemical composition of Klonopin is proper it is possible for a person to experience great or therapeutic effect on the medical ailment. The tablets are to be formulated with proper ingredients and that too at the proper ratio and only then it is possible that the medication would work in a proper manner.

So there are quite a lot of ingredients that are present in the tablet and it helps a person to get relieved from the symptoms of anxiety disorder. Let us look about the chemical composition of Klonopin in detail in this article.

Active ingredient of Klonopin

The main or the active ingredient that is present in Klonopin medication is referred as Clonazepam. This is which helps with the working mechanism of the drug. Each medication would have its own working mechanism.

In case of Klonopin, the action mechanism is that the conversion of the natural chemicals that are present in the central nervous system from imbalanced to balanced ones. So after this conversion happens there are chances that the person would feel relaxed and relieved from anxiety.

You would now know about the importance of the active ingredient in Klonopin medication. The amount of active ingredient in every tablet would vary.

There are various dosage strengths in the market and they are 1mg, 0.25mg, 2mg, 0.5mg, and 0.125mg.

In case of Klonopin 2mg, the amount of active ingredient that is present in this is 2mg. The number that is mentioned on the tablet or the dosage strength indicates the amount of Clonazepam in it.

Inactive ingredients of Klonopin

In a tablet, apart from active ingredients there will also be inactive ingredients in it. These are nothing but the coloring and binding agents. These inactive substances are very much important as only then it is possible to create a complete tablet.

Unlike the active ingredient, the inactive ingredients would not contribute anything to the benefit or effectiveness of the medical condition. This is the reason why there will be huge differences among inactive ingredients among the generic drugs.

Some of the inactive substances that are present in the drug are microcrystalline cellulose, sodium lauryl sulfate, anhydrous lactose, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized starch and colloidal silicon dioxide.

In case you take 0.5mg Klonopin tablets you have to know that there will be a presence of D&C Yellow No. 10 Aluminum Lake in it. If you are allergic to certain inactive ingredients in the tablet then you can choose the generic Klonopin that does not contain the specific ingredient in it.

What happens when Klonopin chemical composition is not proper?

Each person would suffer from different range or level of severity. So it is clear enough that the drug dosage strength would vary from one person to another. In case the tablet is not formulated properly then there will be issues.

If you are prescribed to take Klonopin 1mg tablets then you are supposed to consume the same. In case you have got the medication that is not properly formulated where the drug dose says it is 1mg but in actual it contains more amount of active ingredient in it. Here the problem arises. When you take these tablets it simply means that it is a drug overdose.

The correct level of active ingredient should be present in the pill not less and not more. So when it is not properly formulated you would take the drug dose that is either very less for your condition or very high. In both these situations you would definitely not be benefitted at all.

This is the reason why you are supposed to get the medication from a reputed source as you can avoid such a situation.

Be cautious of counterfeit Klonopin

The above mentioned is the proper active ingredient and the inactive ingredients. However there are counterfeit Klonopin available on the market. The tablets might look genuine however there will be no or harmful substances present in it. Some illegal manufacturers do fill the pills with rat poison or just fillers.

So always aware about the ingredients that are present in it as taking such type of pills would definitely ruin your health condition to a greater extent.