Akathisia treatment by Klonopin

Akathisia treatment by KlonopinAkathisia is a condition in which a person would feel very restless and they cannot even be still for some time. Due to this, it becomes very difficult for them to sleep and they are also sleep deprived. Even those who are able to achieve sleep would have a disturbed one.

The reason why a person is experiencing this medical condition is actually due to certain drugs. Some of the medications like anti-depressants, antiemetic and antipsychotic would trigger Akathisia in an individual.

So it is now clear that it is actually the side effect of certain drugs that they are consuming. However it is not possible for us to tell them not to take those drugs. This is because; the benefits that they receive from the medication would be much higher than the risks or side effects.

You have to know that Klonopin medication is taken in the treatment on Akathisia. This is actually a medication that is used in the treatment of anxiety disorder. It is time that we look about this drug in detail.

How can Klonopin be effective on Akathisia?

This is an effective anti-anxiety medication. So if you take Klonopin you can feel less worry, restlessness and fear. The patients with Akathisia would be suffering from restlessness only. Due to this, they also not able to sleep so to get rid of the symptom, Klonopin can be instructed by the healthcare professional.

The Klonopin medication has an wonderful property and an working mechanism. When the tablet is taken it would act on the central nervous system. There will be an imbalance in the natural chemicals that are present in the brain. This is the reason why you are feeling restless. So this is where Klonopin targets and changes accordingly.

Those imbalanced natural chemicals would be converted with the help of Klonopin to its balanced form. As soon as the conversion occurs, there are chances that you would feel peaceful and you can avoid being restless.

Clinical trial of Klonopin on Akathisia treatment

The research was conducted on 12 individuals who were suffering from Akathisia. It was a double blind design where either Klonopin or placebo pill is given to a person.

No person in the group would be aware on what medication they are taking. This double fold technique is used to understand whether the effect that is received on the condition is either due to psychological or it is genuinely the effects of Klonopin.

The individuals were completely aware about this research so they took the medication without fail. As the result of the experiment, it was found that the person who took Klonopin found greater effect on the condition than those who took placebo pills.

Placebo drug is nothing but a sugar pill and there is no active ingredient in it. While consuming Klonopin medication it was obvious that the restlessness were controlled to a greater extent.

The complete relaxation and peaceful effect was created in a person. Due to the improvement in the symptoms, the people with Akathisia were able to sleep properly and they were able to concentrate on the activities.

When the medication is stopped, it is less likely that the symptoms of Akathisia returned to them. This is the result of only this single clinical trial. We are not aware about the severity of the medical condition that these individuals suffered from. We should also know about whether the same effects would be created on other people. To get the idea for the question there is a need for more clinical trials to happen on the medication.

Can you take Klonopin to treat akathisia treatment?

Akathisia-treatment with KlonopinIf your doctor prescribes you to take Klonopin medication to treat your Akathisia treatment then you can surely consume it. The healthcare professional does have the right to decide on which medication is best for you.

There are also chances that they instruct a well-known drug for its off label purposes and it is legal. However you cannot decide that Klonopin is good for you and start the treatment with it. The pills can be taken only for a shorter span of time and not more than that at any cost for sure.