Does Klonopin medication available in generic variant?

Yes, Klonopin is available as Clonazepam in in its generic form. Klonopin which is a popular anti-anxiety drug comes under benzodiazepineklonopin generic name Clonazepam category that acts on brain chemicals that are found to be unbalanced which is responsible for panic attacks. When you want to take the drug for treating anxiety disorder, it is good to choose generic over brand as it has same effects for a low price. there will be many questions related to using a generic form of the drug which will be detailed below.z

What is generic medicine and why it has a different name from its brand?

Generic drugs are made by a different manufacturer than its original brand and have same clinical effects with similar chemical composition. Both the drugs work same but sold under different names. Why it is different means the trademark law doesn’t permit generic to use a name that is already found to be available in the market but they are allowed to use other parameters like similar size, color, flavor whichever that doesn’t affect the working of the drug. It is also helpful when it comes to differentiating between the products.

How generic cost much less than brand Klonopin?

There are several factors that are associated with setting up a price tag for a drug. Some are listed below,

  • A generic drug like Clonazepam needs to go through many reviews to check whether they meet the standards before it can be marketed.
  • Also, the brand has gain period which during which others are not allowed to sell the drug that uses their composition.
  • And all the legal permits like patents cost more so this period will help them to gain the compensation for introducing the drug.
  • Klonopin generic cost less because they use the research from the brand and other safety check-ups can be eliminated, the main reason why it is priced less.

How does FDA approve and monitor the effects of the drug like Clonazepam?

FDA or Food and Drug Administration is the US-based federal agency which is responsible for administrating these drug manufacturers and other related sectors. Generic drugs like Clonazepam have to submit ANDA application to market the drug similar to its brand.  The drug submitted for approval will be completely checked for active ingredients, strength, type of administration, dosage, time of action, even the container which the product will be marketed etc. But this process doesn’t require the applicant to conduct separate research for the effectiveness of the drug. After all these, the product will be marketed under set standards.

FDA doesn’t stop there, they keep a close eye on the supply chains, APIs when the drug is active in the market. Apart from that, they monitor for negative side effects reported by the patients after using the drug over a period of time.

Clonazepam or generic Klonopin has been reported to the same reaction to the treatment which is available for a cheap price that it is popular as its Brand Klonopin. It is safe to use the drug in its generic form.