How long do Panic Attacks Last?

how long does a panic attack last

When a person is having a panic attack they may think that it may seem like it’s been happening for hours on end, when in fact, the answer to “how long do panic attacks last?” by most expert accounts is they usually last anywhere between a few minutes to thirty minutes. These episodes occur regularly and sometimes prompt people to call 911; often times when the emergency response team arrives the victim has already recovered or is in the process of recovering.

Although some panic attack sufferers may think they’ve been having these episodes for hours, in truth, it’s likely that they have been having multiple panic attacks. It’s also true that every person is different and everyone experiences a panic attack differently. While one person may have one attack and never have one again for another couple of years, another person may have repeated ones every single day!

The answer to how long do panic attacks last for every individual also depends on what caused it to happen and what triggered it. Experts agree that by removing whatever caused or triggered the panic attack will eventually make it subside.  This means if your Aunt Martha is the one triggering your panic attacks because she annoys you and you don’t know to react, and then it’s time for someone to politely tell her to scram!

If the cause of the panic attack still remains in the presence of the person, it will take longer to get over that episode. If there is no known trigger and it seems to have been brought on just out of the blue with no apparent reason that may make the sufferer have an even more difficult time trying to get over it. Keep in mind sometimes the cause of the panic attack is merely something the victim is thinking about and it only exists in his or her head.

A person with severe panic attacks may be asking the question “Can panic attacks last for days?” While this is really scary to think about they will not last for an extended period time. Remember that although they are highly intense and they occur in episodes, the duration of panic attacks are no more than 30 minutes. If you believe that you’ve been having them for days on end, then you more than likely have what’s called “panic disorder” in which you’re experiencing multiple attacks regularly.

Also, if you have had multiple panic attacks every day you have been probably so distraught and so affected by the fact that you’ve had so many that you don’t even notice that they have stopped before having the next one.  This will certainly cause you to ponder the question, “How long does a panic attack last?”

Methods for treating panic attacks

The answer to how long do panic attacks last lies within the individual. Have you sought treatment? Are you looking for better ways to reduce your stress? Do you recognize the symptoms of panic attacks? Often-times, people can control their panic attacks and eventually eliminate them once and for all. However, most people who suffer from these episodes usually take Klonopin, which actually work such as natural treatments and even various how-to guides such as the one offered by Panic Away,  which has been proven to be one of the most successful ones on the Internet when it comes to buying klonopin online.

Finally remember if you’ve been asking yourself, “How long does a panic attack last?” take comfort in knowing that your mind controls everything. You’re the one telling your brain exactly what to think and if you fill it with thoughts of panic it’s going take you a little bit longer to get over the episode. If you’ve been asking how long do a panic attack last because you feel like they never stop as you have been having them repeatedly for days, it’s probably because you may actually have panic disorder.

It’s understandable that you may be feeling like this is never going to stop. One panic attack after another might leave you feeling distressed and frustrated. Just know that panic attacks sometimes may feel like they’re lasting for far too long because of how uncomfortable and mentally painful and frustrating they are. Also, keep in mind that they can come in cycles where they can repeat themselves one after another and carry on for several hours. Know that continuous panic attacks sometimes present a serious health risk as your heart can be placed under a lot of stress. While a panic attack in itself is not considered dangerous, prolonged panic attacks may lead to some other complications and your health may suffer.

If you believe you may have panic disorder make certain you consult with a physician right away. If you don’t, at the very least, get your hands on a how-to guide such as Panic Away or any other known easy proven method. While panic attack duration is short you can and may end up having a panic disorder for several months to a few years if not treated right away. The bottom line is, if you’ve been asking how long do panic attacks last it’s probably because you need to seek some type of help for you or the person who suffered from, so get it!